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  • Chemistry World Feature


    Thrilled to share some of my opinions on antibiotics and superbugs with Chemistry World! Read more

  • We like making molecules

  • First Lab Clean Up

    Lunch, coffee, and inventory organization. Thanks Charly for leading the charge to organize all of our chemicals! Read more

  • Tragedy while unpacking…

    Alas, while unpacking a truckload of glassware, the Seiple Group met with its first glassware tragedy.   Read more

  • First Reaction

    It’s offical–chemistry in the Seiple Group at UCSF is now underway! Our first reaction solution turned purple. What does it mean?? (Jack stands are still on the way, hence the stir plate on the work surface.)   Read more

  • Seiple Group Setup!

    We have arrived at our brand-new lab space on the 4th floor of the Smith Cardiovascular Research Building at the Mission Bay campus of UCSF! Over the past several weeks, we have been working on equipping this beautiful new laboratory. Take a look at some of the new equipment (both packed and unpacked)!     Read more