Our second pre-print: Label Retention Expansion Microscopy!

As a part of our ongoing efforts to develop tools with our colleagues in biology, we have designed and synthesized trifunctional linkers for expansion microscopy that overcome signal loss. This is a fruitful collaboration with Bo Huang and colleagues, and has enabled the highest resolution (5-nm) ExM to date!!


Also, this is our second preprint upload. I sense a trend starting…

Congrats to the team,  especially the leaders Xiaoyu and Qi!

The big streptogramin story, complete with 250-pg SI.

With an incredible, multidisciplinary team from UCSF and Schrodinger, we have been able to overcome streptogramin resistance caused by virginiamycin acetyltransferase! We have posted the results on ChemRXiv (bit.ly/2xlFS2q), making this our first pre-print (by only a few hours! see next post…)

We are very proud of this story. It features >60 structurally complex analogs, >8 cryo-EM structures, and hundreds of MICs. And a 250+-page Supporting Information. Congrats to Qi, Jenna, and the whole team!!

Welcome Seul Ki!!

Seul Ki Yeon, who got her PhD in medicinal chemistry at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, has joined the lab! She will be working on several creative ways to inhibit ribosome function. Welcome!!