Graduate students are encouraged to apply to the UCSF Graduate Division Programs. Postdoctoral applications should include a CV and a 1-page summary of research accomplishments and should be submitted directly by email to Ian.  Currently we do not have any funded postdoctoral positions available; candidates with their own funding are encouraged to apply.

Current Members (in approximate order of appearance):

Ian Seiple Principal Investigator
Ian Seiple
Principal Investigator
Yanmin Yao Postdoctoral Scholar
Yanmin Yao
Postdoctoral Scholar
Qi Li Postdoctoral Scholar
Qi Li
Postdoctoral Scholar
Arthur Alexandre Tran
UC Berkeley Undergraduate
David Chow
UC Berkeley Undergraduate
Ruoxi Wang
UC Berkeley Undergraduate
Jonathan Boyce
Postdoctoral Scholar

Previous Members:

Carl-Phillip Tüllman
University of Munich Masters Student
Now: University of Munich Ph.D. Student (Knochel Group)
Diondra Dilworth
Harvard Undergraduate
Peter McTigue
Masters Student